Bizarre creature or adorable hybrid results in a unique playful design.
Animalgroup has been created by using cut out paper as a basic element. Shapes from four different animals are combined together in a pleasing silhouette which is captured in a three-dimensional environment. Can you guess which animals are hiding inside? This decoration has been made for the love of the animal kingdom.

House pillow

House pillow was inspired by a coastal town Piran, where all the houses are embraced together and form a special culture of living.  Piran is a live museum on its own. Strolling along the little cobbled  streets, picturesque small squares  takes you on a journey of medieval, venetian,
baroque, gothic buildings and monuments. Wandering around the peninsula is a labyrinth of many interesting establishments- from galleries,
workshops, studios, tavernas.. To recapture the wonderful atmosphere and to take a part of this amazing city back home the idea was born.

House pillow is a made to please the  longing for summer, venerable nights, beach time,…


Splash in to the sea and the world changes in the most profound way. This is another play with sea inspired wonders. Hand drawn design on a cozy fabric that pampers you like floating in the deep blue see…