Zavod Zlata Struna

Zavod Zlata Struna is a cultural musical society, where the main objective is to connect the best musical talents/instrumentalists/vocalists from all around the globe and bring them together on stage. Preforming live on different venues – bringing pure music to the people. The logo represents the name of the organization, which literally means the golden string. Creating an infinitive line that bonds all musicians together was the idea behind it.


A funny title lit. meaning blood hurts good – it is not a crime book or a thriller -is a medicine book about human’s super organ that plays a vital role for general health and well being. The book covers everything about blood. From blood cells, vessels, illnesses, function, … Illustrations for the book were designed to represent blood flow through our bodies and to get a closer look.


TotaLove logo was made with love for a lovely couple, who inspire the world  around with their enthusiastic approach and culinary dimensions that blow your mind.  Sweet delights and treats, pure joy and good vibes is Total love – to give and share and to celebrate life with little things, things that matter the most.

The colors of the new logo were selected to represent Indias vibrant colors and tastes and still preserve the essence of food identity. Love is usually defined as a strong affection for another, as a strong regard for and dedication to someone. Love can be  seen as a form of energy. Therefore playful design attracts the eye and surprises with its emphatic lines. Made to attract and to please…


Series of Logos

Hallo, Herr Husten! Guten tag, Frau Bauchweh!

Hello Mr. Cold, Good afternoon Miss. Belly pain! This book is unique – the author, a renowned Austrian story teller, uses his profound language to draw a very important topic HEALTH in a very funny fairy tale way to younger readers. Designed so that the parents can read to their children – to broaden the understanding of a special disease or just as a story to be heard before bed time. When all the diseases have a fairy tale name, face and voice, we experience them much less frightening.


This ad was created for a fashion store with women accessories. Joining photography and graphic design resemble and emphasize the many colors ladies put on each day to lighten up.

Coompania CD cover

Client for the Cd cover is a popular Croatian Jazz band Coompania, who are promoting their new album on tour. The basic idea was to link Cd cover and poster. When folding a poster with securely mounted Cd in the center, becomes a Cd Cover. Hand made typography, illustration and combining the music scene background, which represents the concert vibe and live ambient, resulting in reexperience of the happening on stage.

for: Croatian Jazz band Coompania
with: Martina Kokovnik

award: Silver award at Magdalena festival